Photo © by Marcus Duran, 2017. All rights reserved.

"Impossible to get bored, impossible to leave ... every artist's victory is done when the public thinks: 'Wait, let's see what happens ...' " - Lester Magazine, Rome May 2017

ALRIGHT GANDHI's music is both intuitive and genre-defying. The songs are dreamy, soulful and pop-heavy, and never played quite the same way twice. No small feat, as the trio has toured in 15 countries across 4 continents, in venues ranging from Baltic train station platforms to the back-streets of Tokyo to buzzing Manhattan clubs since they formed in Berlin, 2014. Their music has absorbed those encounters; they resurface as hypnotic rhythms, earthy bass-lines, crystalline guitar soundscapes and adventurously winding vocal melodies. You are urged to change, move, reflect, relate.

'SOMEWHERE ELSE' (released 1st June, 2018), Alright Gandhi's second full-length album, is a testament to those rare adventures. Recorded in the mountains of Liguria, Italy and crowd-funded by fans, the record captures three musicians playing together in a remote stone house, with added sounds gathered on tours, such as Chicago roadworks, frogs in a pond in Ohio, and a man singing drunkenly at midday in Spain. The album is a snapshot, like a worn photograph from your great-aunt's runaway trip to the South.


‘The trio Alright Gandhi have entirely their own sound’ - Radio Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

"Alright Gandhi center on incredible vocal range, this gently combines with incredible musicianship and intriguing song writing to create a collection of fascinating songs" - Vulture Hound Artist of the Week

"'Magic Pop' describes the musical trip that jumps between folk and pop and singer-songwriter, weaving together the most diverse of influences - from "traditional African music to Led Zeppelin" as Enkelmann says." -  Zitty Berlin - concert recommended Jan 2016 by Julia Lorenz

"[Alright Gandhi] managed to make dance even the most stubborn wall supporters, not for a moment brushing against banality and presenting an ambitious repertoire. Clearly, the musicians like to experiment, and their songs are firmly surprising. Their work brings up strong associations with freedom, lightness and being carefree" - Monika Słupek for Muzyczny Krakow

Photo © by Marcus Duran, 2017. All rights reserved.

Photo by Damon Arabsolgar



Casa da Musica, Portugal

Union Chapel, London

Rockwood Music Hall 2, New York

Agadir Town Hall, Morocco

Ringoya, Tokyo

The Bee, Kuala Lumpur

Play Yard by Studio Bar, Bangkok

Villa Neukölln, Berlin

Galapagai Festival, Lithuania

Kalnciema Kvartals, Latvia

Alchemia, Krakow

Teatr Opole, Opole

Birdland, Hamburg